Featured book this month is the Family Emergency Preparedness Plan. (Book 1 Below)

With the events like terrorist attacks, gun violence, drug additions, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, floods, volcanoes eruptions, corruption, cyber attacks, and a host of other things that can destroy a family without notice, it is now more important than ever, that a family has a plan for those whom are left can pick up the pieces of their lives and move on. What you will find in this book are the other several hundred things you need to consider when setting up a plan that your family may need if you are gone forever. It goes well past the basic stuff like food and water, heat, shelter and light etc., that we all know we need.   





Hello, I'm Dennis Ray 'Coach' Clifton and below are the titles of my most recent Self-Help workbooks 'The Clifton Series Plans' and my newly released world recognized fictional novels 'I Took Soul to Church Today" and" The Adventures of Izzy 'The Great' Greyhound..  My professional background includes maintenance, engineering, safety, project management and coaching. I worked for one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world and have an extensive background in real estate maintenance and engineering.  I speak to audiences big and small, while delivering a life message about what it takes to be successful and findings and protecting THE POSITIVES in your life. I talk about my own personal struggles and barriers and how I turned those into THE POSITIVES which I included in my first novel below titled “I Took Soul to Church Today.' Fortunately a few years ago I took advice from my mentors and began to focus on the one thing I am really good at. I have been told that I have a God-given talent to see the big picture, along with the education and experience needed to write simple plans for complicated subjects that people can use to achieve success at whatever they want to become.  

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