Health-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking Plan
Health-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking Plan
Health-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking Plan
Health-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking Plan
Health-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking Plan
Health-Wellness-Exercise Tracking Plan
Health-Wellness-Exercise Tracking PlanHealth-Wellness-Exercise Tracking Plan
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Coach, Do You Have a Book For That?

Coach the question is: How do I find a happy-point in my life where I can be confident I am doing the things I need to do live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle and live to hopefully a ripe old age?
Health-Wellness-Exercise Tracking Plan

Health, wellness and exercise is an ever evolving field and has become so complex and confusing it’s difficult to figure out what we need to do and not do. The thought behind designing this tracking plan was to push the PAUSE BUTTON long enough to get a better handle on my life as it relates to health-wellness-exercise.
           I was doing all the things recommended by those whom seem to be well-educated and specialized in the field of giving me exactly what I want in a healthy, pain-free and great looking body. (doctor visits, periodic health exams and testing, bio-metric screenings, proper immunizations each year, vitamins, two health tracking devices one on my arm and another in my pocket, instant message from my electronic health coach to pick up the pace, not getting enough sleep, and better find some steps to climb. Member of two health clubs just in case one was closed after I got off work on a 12-14  hour work day, 10,000 steps every day, and a smart phone tracking everything I did and didn't accomplish in a 24 hour day to name a few)
        Unfortunately, I spent more time each day beating myself up when my performance slipped a little than I did enjoying my life. After recovering from a double hip transplant I decided it was time to go back to a basic human concept called 'COMMON SENSE' likely taught to me by the people who loved me the most called PARENTS. I clearly understand I have to be my best advocate when it comes to my health. If I'm sick I need to go see my doctor, if I need a specialist I need to go see one, I think you get the point. The quickest thing I could do for myself was stop seeking medical advice from the Internet, television, radio, social media, managers at work, friends, employee health and wellness teams or the latest health and wellness magazine. 
What this Tracking Plan did for me was help me realize that my body has limits.  My health-wellness-exercise activities are no longer based on the statically data collected and calculated for several hundred thousand people in my gender and age group.
It helped me reduce the total number of people making decisions about my health-wellness-exercise to two; myself and my personal physician.
Oh, don't misunderstand I still do many of the things I have been doing for years, but they come via the recommendations of my personal physician who knows my body best and has my best interest in mind. This record type book provides me a place with enough white space to write it all down and lots to talk to my doctor about during annual physicals. The workbook is inexpensive and is so easy to fill out. I think the best compliment I have received about the book is it provided an honest approach to health-wellness--exercise record keeping. It serves as a historical record for my family health history, my personal medical contacts for past hospital stays, doctors, and medical procedures I have had over the years. My medicines and medical supplies are clearly listed and my health record is a quick reference that's all about me.
It serves as a reminder of what my doctor advised me to do, to improve my health numbers from my previous visits. It gives me the charts I need to track my progress and improvements that I can show my doctor during my next visit to make sure I am on the right track.
You have probably noticed that I have separated health-wellness-exercise from any mention of dieting. That is because I believe these three areas are important enough to have their own tracking workbook. Dieting is a very complicated and complex process which needs its own separate workbook which will be released soon. This book focuses on fixing an existing diet and turning it into a health diet. The idea is to achieve sustainability and stop the diet plan of the month cycle. People are creature of habit and if you can fix your own diet which likely includes foods and drinks you have enjoyed for most of your life the dieting problem is solved once and for all.        
'Can we talk' was a popular phrase from the nineties meaning 'not sure if you know this, but this is the way I understand it.'
If what I am about to write and you are about to read sounds familiar it's probably because you have took this approach to solving your health, wellness, exercise concerns and issues once or maybe a few more than once in your life time.        When the big health-wellness campaigns started about 10 years ago the first thing I did was jumped up on the diving board and went in head first. I joined a gym and went on some crazy diet because I understood that if I lost weight and got in great shape I would be healthy and likely live pain-free to a ripe old age.
After a while I found myself sore in almost every joint in my body and hungry enough to eat twice as much as I did before I started.
It didn't take long for me to figure out that some dieting and exercise was okay but health-wellness went much deeper and there were other things I needed to consider that was likely even more important than controlling my weight and excessive exercise. That is when I started writing this book and working with others to figure out that there was much more to living healthy and if I did not add the other elements I could forget about the 'ripe old age idea.'