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Coach, Do You Have a Book For That?
Coach the questions are: How did you find the time to write such a lengthy novel? The research alone must have taken years to complete? Beside the angel Soul being the main character, are you the character the author is writing about?
I Took Soul To Church Today

       Great questions!!! It did take about five years to write this book and the research could not have been done if not for the internet, and the Carroll County and Boone County, Kentucky libraries.  However, keep in mind that most of this book is about real events and many of my readers who lived the events in the story can relate to the events covered in the book.  Many of my readers have emailed me or ask me at book signing to identify some of the actual characters, they just couldn't quite figure out who they were. The bull on the front cover is a real character and as unbelievable as it may appear in the book much of that story is true. The chase did happen and I still have the scar down the back of my leg to prove it after jumping the barbwire fence.
       I have been asked by people from all over the world to identify which stories in the book are true and which ones are purely fiction. I have reversed that questions during presentations and ask the audience if they can figure out which ones are true and which ones are purely from my imagination. It usually ends up about 50/50. One man stood up one day and said well the Thanksgiving Day hunting accident is fiction as you obviously did not take three shotgun blast from three different shooters one of which was a head shot or you would not be here to tell about. I asked him if he would like to see the X-Rays and better yet after the presentation would he like to feel the buckshot floating around in my hands and in my eye ball socket. He said no thank you, but it does prove guardian angels and Gods miracles really do exist and you are living proof. This answers the question above Yes I am the character in the book and many of the stories are true events with a little fiction added because it’s hard to imagine that any one person could have that much bad luck and live to tell about it.
       One of my grandchildren who loves me very much told me I must be a cat and wanted to know how many of my nine lives have been used up. I told her I thought I still have 3 or 4 left but I haven't finish writing 'I Took Soul to Church Today Book II'. I think by the time that's finished I will be down to normal human life with only one left. 
  My family has been my best inspirations to write and finish both books before my days on this earth are finished. My family was certainly not wealthy when it comes to money and physical possessions as you can tell from the reading of the book, but we were extremely wealthy when it comes to love, support and caring about each other. Many of the scenes in the book are true and the top half of the fourteen of us Clifton children actually lived through those sometimes tragic and heart wrenching moments.
      Soul (Character name of my guardian angel) is the main character in the book and as you will read has a tough time adjusting to my lifestyles, but does finally comes around and was the main character and hero in most of the story lines.        
      My stories are about life, love, God, family, hope, winning and losing, country, encouragement, overcoming illness, and recovery to fulfill Gods plan for you on earth and in heaven.
My Grandson asked me to write down my stories about our family so he could tell them to his children someday. This book is available on under the search name Dennis Ray 'Coach' Clifton. If you would like to know more about the book or any of the other books I have written just

     Hi, my name is Dennis Clifton and I feel so blessed to have written 'I Took Soul to Church Today.'  I have been told by many that this book serves as an inspiration for them to keep moving forward in the challenge to overcome a very serious life changing moment. To reach deeper in their relationship with God and to experience his guidance like they have never done before.
The book even though it is presented as fiction has many truths of how me, my family, and complete strangers found our way through many horrible life changing moments mostly by our trust in God and his word. It is a testament of how we recovered and then later realized it was a test that lead us to the next revelation in our lives which we now treasure. The events  we had to endure at the time was in fact to prepare us for the next amazing journey that God had planned for us and for you.
    Finally, a heart felt thank you to my family, friends, class mates from Carroll County, Kentucky High School, my community family in my home town of Carrollton, Kentucky,,, my professional editor Nick in Chicago, and all the other writers, publishers, and courtesy readers that help make this book possible. God Bless!

Dennis Ray 'Coach' Clifton